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In the Russian system the existence of the “school” and the “company” are rarely considered separately – it is almost as if they are purely symbiotic. The idea of dance training followed by joining a job market is an altogether more modern concept.  In Russia, training and performing go hand in hand – throughout the entire career of a dancer the teacher is present as evidenced by the broad mentoring role attributed to pedagogues.  The Irish ballet company developed by Monica Loughman marries ballet training and performance once again. This is important. The entire Irish Arts Council budget for opera and dance combined is less than what most European countries spend on their National Ballet Company. A model is therefore required in Ireland that is as sustainable as it is realistic. Nothing speaks to the success of Monica Loughman’s development of ballet like the reviews of hundreds of audience members enchanted and inspired by the performances.  
There is a danger that many people may regard the Arts as the preserve of a privileged coterie. We must actively promote and encourage a wider approach than this: a philosophy that art, in all its forms, is a means by which a fuller and more satisfying life may be achieved by the people at large. We must teach the young the value of developing their talent not only as a means of creating beauty but also as a means of expressing their creativity and feelings. We must emphasise to parents the need to foster this talent, as they see it emerge.” The Taoiseach, 14 November 1973 Seanad Eireann Debate Vol. 76 No. 1

Monica Loughman’s Elite Ballet – The Nutracker funded by The Arts Council and the Minister for Arts



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