monica-loughman-emma-ballet Ballet for me has always been about having something that enables me to relax and express myself in a creative and fun way with also having the benefit of keeping fit without realizing it. I have been a student of Monica’s from the age of five and now thirteen years later I find myself on the opposite side of the classroom teaching children who were the same age as me when I first started dancing therefore I can empathize and apply my experience as a student while also being able to correct as a teacher which is a surreal but rewarding experience. Ballet practice the art of discipline, expression, correct posture and working in harmony with others. I find that it is truly amazing to watch children as young as five progress each week in their technique but also watch their love and understanding of the art form grow. Whether you dance to keep fit or you want a future in dance, ballet technique is at the core of every dance genre and here at MonicaLoughman Elite Ballet we strive to give you the best.


Leanne Sexton

monica-loughman-emma-balletI have been so fortunate to be a dancer and to train with Monica Loughman Elite ballet for so many years. It’s amazing now to be able to pass on what I have learned to the upcoming generation of dancers and to watch them improve and grow as both dancers and individuals while also continuously learning myself.


Lena Levins

Having studied ballet in my native Russia under Marina Pomerantseva, one of the foremost ballerinas of our time, and performed all over the world I take great delight in passing on the traditions of Russian classical ballet education to my students. On moving to Ireland I performed with the Monica Loughman Company under the expert guidance of Monica Loughman. To be able to teach ballet is extremely rewarding. Ballet is considered to be a foundation for all types of dance, and those who are engaged in ballet are a model of physical perfection. It embodies beauty and elegance, gracefulness and exquisiteness, helps to develop coordination and aesthetic perception. I hope to continue to inspire my students for years to come. Hide Sidebar Comments ?


Emma Hayward Quote

monica-loughman-emma-ballet ‘ As a ballet dancer I have been priveleged to receive an outstanding ballet education from Monica Loughman, I now have a responsibility to pass on that information and inspiration to younger dancers. Teaching means I am also constantly learning and improving, which ultimately helps me become a better dancer.’


Liane McNelis

monica-loughman-liane-teacher-3 “I love to teach ballet because first and foremost I love Ballet. I adore the art form, the music and the discipline. I am so happy to have the opportunity to pass that love on to others .I love to perform and share my experiences from the stage, to inspire and light that fire and passion in each student. I enjoy watching the progress my students make over time through hard work and dedication. Seeing students flourish under my instruction motivates me and gives me the drive and ambition to keep teaching. It’s a fantastic feeling to see their faces light up when they understand a concept. I am very proud to be part of the team here at Monica Loughman Elite Ballet. Our students are extremely focused and committed and it is a joy to teach those that really love to dance.”


Jessica Campher

monica-loughman-jessica-teacher” I enjoy teaching the students because seeing them progress from term to term in their skill and ability is very rewarding for me as their ballet teacher. I get great satisfaction to know that each student enjoys their class as well as knowing they have worked hard too.”


Rikki McTernan

monica-loughman-rikki-teacherWhy do I love teaching ballet and why is it so special to me, to be honest the answer is very simple, the children. It doesn’t matter if they are four or fourteen each kid has there own unique way of expressing their opinions even if they don’t realise they have them. I love teaching ballet because in class all the students get to express them selves, they get to learn something new or perfect something they previously struggled with. They learn an array of new skills on daily basis and to be a part of that process, to help them achieve and to succeed at what one day is the most difficult step or stretch in the world, is very rewarding. To see that fire in a child and to know that you are helping them to be more then they where the week before is why I love teaching ballet.

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